Faith, Family, Freedom has been designed and created to allow Christian families (specifically members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) to connect and share projects, plans, and encouragement with other like-minded families. We desire to share inspiring, uplifting, and educational material that will help us be prepared for these last days. Our website is family-run and directed, with a goal to bring you valuable material.

Our name is our game – our goal. We value above all our faith in Jesus Christ and our membership in his church. We also value highly our individual roles in families and we work to protect the sanctity of the family. We treasure freedom and agency as a gift from God and love our divinely-appointed Constitution and country.

Based in Idaho, our website is here to help you find knowledge and help from other families as well as share your own. We invite each of you to review our content and be strengthened in a community of Christian families. Thank you for visiting our site and come again soon!