The Substance of A Prophetic Warning

During the fall of 1967, Elder Ezra Taft Benson spoke during the Semi-annual Conference.   His prophetic words so perfectly described the events of we have witnessed unfolding in cities all across America during the last few years that they bear repeating.

Elder Benson warned against what he called, “the greatest Satanical threat to peace, prosperity, and the spread of God’s work among men that exists on the earth today.”  He identified this threat as a Communist conspiracy which, he said, was seeking, among other things, to use the civil rights movement to accomplish revolutionary purposes, including:  (1) create hatred, (2) trigger violence, and (3) overthrow established government.

He warned that they would, “create hatred by using any means to agitate blacks into hating whites and whites into hating blacks. . . play up and exaggerate real and pretended grievances. . . create martyrs for both sides. . . . (and) play upon mass emotions until they smolder with hatred.”

For the purpose of triggering violence, they would, “put the emotional masses into the street in the form of large mobs. . . . It makes no difference if the mob is told to demonstrate ‘peacefully’ so long as it is brought into direct confrontation with the Antagonist (police).  Merely bringing the two emotionally charged groups together is like mixing oxygen and hydrogen.  All that is needed is one tiny spark.  If the spark is not forthcoming . . . (they would) create it.”

Elder Benson described their exact tactics:  In order to overthrow established government, these revolutionaries would, “condition those who are emotionally involved to accept violence as the only way to ‘settle the score’. . . ; provide leadership and training for guerilla warfare. . . ; institute discipline and terrorism to insure at least passive support from the larger, inactive . . . population; train and battle-harden leadership through sporadic riots and battles with police.  Finally, at the appointed time, launch an all out simultaneous offensive in every major city.”

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No matter what one believes about Elder Benson’s position as a church authority or his political concerns, he accurately described, almost 50 years ago, the events we have watched unfold in Ferguson, New York, and many other cities over the past few months.

Contrary to media coverage which suggests that the Ferguson “protests” were the result of the acquittal of Officer Wilson, the violence, looting, and wanton destruction of lives and property in these riot-riddled cities [just like the “Occupy” movements of 2011] was planned, bankrolled, and fomented by radical leftist organizations like the Revolution Club Chicago.  Their stated goal is to, “make the protests go super violent, spread across the country, and spark a revolution.”  These organizations were recruiting for and organizing the riots before court proceedings even began.  The court ruling was a convenient excuse for this unlawful rampage, not the cause.

The real intentions of these revolutionary communist organizations are best summed up by their own statements.  For example, the New Communist Party posted the following militant propaganda: “Let it be clearly understood now: the capitalist-imperialist state is waging a war . . . the NYPD (New York Police Dept) is part of the repressive state apparatus that maintains the order of white supremacist capitalism through organized violence.  We cannot afford to treat these killings as individual phenomena. . .  The state (the government) and its repressive apparatuses (the police) . . . must be completely and mercilessly destroyed.”   This post is immediately followed by a large black and white “solidarity with Ferguson” graphic showing a young woman leveling a machine gun in front of large print declaring, “Arms Up, Shoot Back.”

That the violence is primarily motivated by a war against organized society, and not a race issue, is undeniable when one considers the immense amount of irreparable damage done to the businesses of black “capitalists” whose properties have been so wantonly destroyed.

What’s more, these revolutionaries are using the riots as an opportunity to spread their poisonous ideology and create more hatred, more martyrs, and more revolutionary soldiers.  For example, the Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party posted news announcing that, “More than forty Progressive Labor Party members and friends from New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles traveled here (Ferguson) to express solidarity with the workers of Ferguson . . .  In the wake of the grand jury’s refusal to indict racist killer kkkop Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, young members of the Progressive Labor Party learned how to organize under pressure.  We met the escalation of police repression with an escalation of our own, training a significant number of new fighters and recruiting more than a dozen—mostly Black, Latin, and Asian women—to the Party.”

No one can deny that Elder Benson accurately described, nearly 50 years ago in General Conference, the very events we are watching unfold today.  Communist web-sites, ranging from Young Communist League USA Facebook page, to Communist Worker’s Group USA homepage, to FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together), provide irrefutable evidence of the Communist backing and organizing behind the violence, just as Elder Benson warned it would be.  We are witnessing the substantive fulfillment of his prophetic warning.president-ezra-taft-benson



Find out what Elder Benson said we should be doing about this in ‘Confronting Conspiracy’.







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